Final Steps to Writing an Essay

Once you have finished writing the conclusion and listed your sources, you have completed the first draft of your essay. However, you haven't finished the essay until you have edited and proofread it. Keep the following points in mind as you begin to proofread your paper.

Once you are content with the structure of your essay, the next step is to ensure that the formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct.

After you have proofread and made the necessary changes to your essay, leave it for at least one-half hour and then read it again. Errors you missed the first time through will frequently catch your attention! Another good final check is to print your essay as a draft. Draft outputs print with minimal formatting and make small errors much easier to spot.

Serif fonts (those with the little legs on the letters) make printed material much easier to read. If you typed your essay on a computer using a sans-serif font (one with no little legs on the letters), change it to a serif font before you print it. Print a copy of your essay and read it again, checking the size and readability of the text.

Once you're satisfied with your printed copy, you're finished! Good job! It's time to hand in your essay!

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